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Mozzarella, Provolone and Pepperjack, OH MY!!

January 30, 2018


Yes, yes, we all love our cheese. In fact, nearing the end of the year I went vegetarian, we were spending nearly $80 a week on cheese. Which if you have ever been to the cheese section of your local health food store, is easy to do. There wasn’t a cheese I wouldn’t try, and I loved almost all of them. Jay and I considered ourselves food snobs, especially when it came to cheese. So when I went vegan, it was one of the top things I craved. All the vegan cheeses I tried seemed gross, and I usually spit them out. Granted they were mostly the daiya brand (yes, ya want to die after tasting it) which is the worst, made by a pharmaceutical company no less! Unfortunately, most of the ready-made products use that brand too. Even more of a reason to cook your own food! So I was just ready to accept I would never have that delicious taste of any kind of cheese again.

Well time went by, my taste buds evolved, and I decided to give vegan cheeses another go. Thank goodness, I did! The following is a run down of the cheeses we use at home and continue to buy again and again. This is by no means all the vegan cheese, just the ones we recommend from the ones we have tried.


Let’s start with my absolute favorites. These three cheeses are the best I have found. You can eat them straight out of the package, or pair them with fruit and veggies on crackers like you used to with animal cheese. Tasty tasty tasty!!!


Follow Your Heart: Provolone

It’s like a marriage of Munster cheese and Jack cheese.


Follow Your Heart : Pepperjack

It’s freaking just like the old pepperjack we used to eat.


Violife: Gouda

Doesn’t taste like Gouda (phew) close to the Provolone above, Jack and Munster got hitched. May be my very favorite!



Second in line to the thrown are these four spreads. I like to have them at breakfast with veggies or fruit, or just as a snack.

Treeline: Herb Flavored Garlic

True to it’s title, very tasty and spreadable.


Treeline : Scallion Flavor

Same as the other, but with an onion flavor to it. I can barely decide between the two sometimes, but I prefer the herb more.


Miyoko’s: Sun Dried Tomato Garlic

A little sundried tomato flavor but quite smoky. It grew on me.


Miyoko’s: Winter Truffle

Yes. Oh yes, I likie the truffle! More please!


The next set of cheeses I like because of the ingredients. And Kite Hill was the first vegan cheese I could stand. I cannot eat them on their own, oh nooo. However, with “the fixings” they do a pretty good job of taking the place of my former cream cheese and feta.


Kite Hill : Ricotta, Cream Cheese, Original

I put them all together because they all taste pretty similar. Except for their texture, it’s not easy for me to tell them apart. Again, good if you have them with the fixings like, jam, or basil, or nuts or whatever you ate with feta or cream cheese before.


Last but not least, these two guys. These I do not eat on their own, but do an ok job, and serve their purpose.


Follow Your Heart : Mozzarella

Pretty ok on pizza, melts just ok, but don’t overuse.


Violife : Parmesan

Kinda tastes like the old parmesan, again I use this too in moderation.    



So that’s it. Those are the cheese we currently eat. So many more out there to try. Let me know if there are any super yummy ones I’ve missed. Meanwhile, go grab yourself those top three. Or, you know you can make your very own cheeses at home, yes? Well, more on that later. And remember…just have fun, and love it!


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