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Sausage and Cheese Breakfast

June 18, 2018

You know, weekends should be reversed. We should have the whole week off, work a couple days, maybe get paid 10 times more. Yes, I like this.  Well, until that’s the case we will make do with the days off we have. Usually we do our weekly shopping errands on one of our weekend days. We had to go all the way to Guerneville that day for our kitty’s organic herbal medicine so we hit up all the places we needed on the way first. So we were off!

First stop, my favorite place to food shop in Sonoma county, Community Market. They have a store in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. Today we were in Sebastopol.



They have a great little organic fruit and veggie section I adore. Plus, they have my favorite addiction…Violife cheese!


We grabbed a bunch of cheese and some veggies and were off.

The next stop was Whole Foods. The Sebastopol one is not my favorite like Coddington, but they have the organic oj machine, so we got a couple of jugs of fresh oj- just the best. We were strolling by the frozen section and decided to purchase some vegan/gluten-free sausage. I have been hearing so much about the gf beyond meat sausage, but we can’t find it in any of our local stores, so we opted for these Hilary's. All of the sudden feeling famished, I also grabbed a veggie roll out of their ready-made area. Geez, I was so hungry I took a bite when we got in the car. Good thing too, it was so gross! The outer layer was hard and fell apart at my first bite, and the veggies were old and dry. I went in and got my money back. I’m glad prices are lower now that Amazon and Whole Foods has merged, but the quality control has gone done quite a bit.


Then we were off to Andy’s Market.

 Oh what a great place for fresh local veggies and fruit!


We grabbed some local produce and I noticed a lady putting out FRESH veggie rolls, so I took one. Again, took a bite in the car. Oh yum! Fresh and yummy, yes- thank you Andy’s!


We got to Guerneville and it was so cute and lush with trees. We got Dudie’s medicine and headed back home. I noticed the giant Korbel winery, and though not a huge fan of the wine, I thought it might be fun to do a little tasting before heading home.

I was very surprised and impressed at the beauty of the place. Surrounded by big trees, it was very scenic.

We made our way into the huge tasting room. It was along another scenic path. We ran across a curious wall object.


What was that thing next to the bench? A kid's toy? Art Deco? Hmmmm...let me know  if you recognize this strange object.




We entered and found a friendly face to assist us. Our wine connoisseur was Theo. He was extremely friendly, nice and helpful.

We tasted four sparkling wines, and for the most part they were kind of tasty. Again, surprised at how much I liked the wines. We decided to take home a bottle of their sparkling chardonnay, which I found delightful and insanely inexpensive! We planned to use it for Father’s Day at my parents (it was a big hit btw).


So, our errands were done and it was time to check out our new goodies at home. Soon after we got home, I broke into the cheese puffs we bought.

It’s not too often things are both gluten-free and vegan that I like, so I was stoked. The puffs were pretty ok! I like the crunchy Cheetos better, so this is a secondary type of cheese puff for me. Nevertheless, they had cheese flavor and a good puff. Jay didn’t like them as much as I did, but he was searching for them the next day, hehe, they were all gone.

I proceeded to then make us a breakfast sandwich. Something between Noah’s Bagels eggmit bagel and the sausage mc muffin with egg. I had a couple of buns left from Little Northern Bakehouse ( have I mentioned they are vegan AND gluten-free tasty Mc.Tasterson goodness) and some hard tofu, so we were good to go. I cut the tofu in have to make it less thick, then I used a glass to cut them into circle pieces (I used the left-over tofu pieces for an egg salad). I had let the tofu sit overnight in some soy sauce, turmeric, paprika, and garlic powder. Next I warmed up the sausages in a pan (though next time I might do oven to forgo the grease needed for my pan), smooshed them down a bit in the pan so they would be thinner and fit better in the sandwich.


I fired up the tofu pieces, then put a piece of cheese on them so the cheese would melt, then assemble my sandwich. Sausage, tofu, cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber for me, spinach for Jay. Result?


Yes! Yes! Yes. It was very tasty. I liked the spicy sausage the most. Because I am not a big fan of fennel, which the maple one has a bit in it. But they were both still good. And I will absolutely buy them again.

So go for it! Make your own sandwich! It's rewarding to make your own food. Especially when it's good. Just remember to have fun, and love it!

Thank you for reading! Ya!




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