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The Film that Beats All Documentaries

June 10, 2018

Best bud: “Do you want to make an impact or do you just want to vent?”

Me: “Impact! Impact!”


How about you? You are not vegan? Well, oh my goodness, thanks for reading my blog!!! I blush!  You don’t have to go 100% plant based to make an impact. Even just adjusting your diet to include more plants and less animals makes a huge difference. Even just starting with one meal a week is doing something. And you know, it’s not just for the animals, it’s for our earth and the people on it.


How about convincing yourself or others that it is the right thing to do? So, you have tried to have people you care for watch Cowspiracy or What the Health or other numerous documentaries haven’t worked. Either they won’t watch it or don’t care. Well, have I got the movie for you! But it requires some finesse. I have got family members that now refuse to watch this movie, frankly because they are scared. Don’t be scared! It’s not a scary movie! I don’t do scary movies. In fact, I mostly only watch uplifting tales. Tales of heroism, love and laughter and only with happy endings.  No, I do not adhere to certain norms for grown-ups. For instance, I still proudly display my classic lava lamp! That’s right, it’s my space and I shall decorate it as I wish (granted hubby is on board).

Ok, the movie…...OKJA. You can find it on Netflix or rent it. I love this amazing movie. Everyone (over 18) should see this. Why over 18? Well, it has a few violent parts to it. It’s by no means horror or very violent, but no need to scar children with it. If you want a child to go vegan, you simply have tell them hamburgers and hot dogs actually come from dead animals. Every single kid I have told this to has gone vegan for as long as they could (not easy being a vegan kid if your parents aren’t vegan). So, yay children!  They are the best!

"Only if we can understand,

can we care."

          Jane Goodall

OKJA, it’s a story of love and loyalty, of compassion and mercy. I urge you to watch this with those you love. No need to mention anything about this movie prior to watching it other than it looks like a good movie. People like to be entertained much more than they like to be told what to do. And that’s kinda what this movie does. I am not saying it will trick people into becoming vegan, but it does show you why a person (avid meat & dairy consumer for decades), like myself for example, would go vegan.

After you watch the movie, we can discuss how it made you and others feel about going plant based. It’s a wonderful movie, enjoy it with souls you love!




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