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Kung Pow Veggies

May 27, 2018


The other day, I get back from feeding the Moo Moos, and a friend calls me as I am walking in through the door. Says her kids are driving her a bit nuts, and wonders if I have time to spend with them. She goes on further to elate my ego and says they only want to go to their cool aunt Lila’s house. I, of course, love these kids and my girlfriend so I tell her to come on over before she can finish convincing me. They live in the neighboring county of Marin so I had about an hour to get everything ready- a quick tidy of the house and myself…and a bit time left over for cooking.


Her kids range in age from 3 years old to 14 years old- and she has got four of them! I had to be able to feed everyone in a short length of time. Though they are not vegan, they actually look forward to what I make next for them- they actually love the adventure!

I took out a new recipe I had tried on Jay the previous week: Kung Pow Veggies! I had most of the veggies I needed, and I could cook it up relatively quickly. And you know what? They all loved it! So here you go, a big enough recipe to feed a big family, a party of people, or a few days leftovers.


Kung Pow Veggies:

Really, whatever veggies you have around or like best will do. The amount depends on what you like or have the most. I used:

Cauliflower - cut into little florets

Bell Peppers - 3 colors diced up

Broccoli - cut into florets

Sweet peas


Red cabbage



Fresh ginger- minced

Fresh garlic – minced

Butter (Miyoko’s or forget it)

Olive oil

Noodles or Rice to serve with dish


Brown sugar ½ cup

Ketchup ¾ cup

Water ¾ cup

Soy sauce 1 cup

Rice wine vinegar ¼ cup

Pink salt- dash

Psyllium powder ¼ teaspoon/or Potato or cornstarch 3 Tb



First thing, mix all your sauce ingredients together, and put in a little pot on stove, all it to simmer (not boil!) and cook down a bit as you prepare the rest of the meal.


If you are making rice, start the rice now. If making noodles, get water ready.


In a large cast iron pan, add some butter and or oil (you can also do this oil free by using veggie stock or water to sauté in!) heat up a tad, then add a bit of the garlic and ginger. Then turn the heat up on medium high and add the cauliflower.

If you are trying to impress a bunch of non-vegans, add some more Miyoko’s butter- it’s a huge favorite of everyone’s!

Allow the cauliflower to get a little charred then quickly take off heat and add it to a big bowl. You are trying to sear it not cook it (you want to keep it super crunchy as it will have plenty of time to cook later if you want).  


Next add the vegetables to the pan a bunch at a time- save the garlic, ginger, scallions and cashews till the end, I actually also barley cook the peas or carrots- I like things on the crunchy side. Plus the less cooked, the more nutrients!


You want to make sure they have plenty of room in the pan or the veggies will steam not sauté and be overcooked. Cook them in batches, only sautéing them for barely minute at a time to warm them up, then adding to your big bowl. You can mix up all your veggies in that bowl, but do it gently as the cauliflower can easily break apart.


Now get the noodles ready (my ramen noodles take almost 10 minutes only to make-start to finish!) or dish up the rice in bowls.

Take the pan and add a bit more butter/oil, and some of your veggies from the bowl into the pan.


Then add the desired amount of ginger and garlic along with some sauce, give everyone a good mixing, then add your mix to each bowl on top of the noodle or rice. Then add the scallions and cashews on top. I used a whole bag (one pound) of cashews for this dish. And still could have used more, personal preference is key, it’s your food, make it the way you want it.


There you go, super easy and healthy party food. You can spice it up too! Let me know how it goes!

And remember if you just have fun and love it, it's bound to be good!



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