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Planet's Only Vegan Contact Lenses

"If there are two products of equal value, why not choose the one made with compassion over cruelty?"



Sometimes I get so focused on eating only plant-based foods, I forget there are a whole mess of categories in which animals are also used. In fact, you name a category, they probably use animals for it. I mean when they use animal bones to sift sugar, rending anything that sugar is used with non-vegan…aka chocolate, what can one expect?


Yes, chocolate is naturally vegan, but the bone sifted sugar is not. The sad truth is, without a voice, how can you make a fuss? Well I guess you can cry and try to escape (which many animals do). However, you cannot explain your pain, or try to change the laws. That’s what we humans are here for. To protect the voiceless. Whether it is the animals, the children, or our planet, I feel it is my job to do something, anything, to help.  With that said, time to ditch my old contact company.

Yes, my friends, I was oblivious to the fact that I was wearing animals’ parts in my eyes. IN. MY. EYES! Oh, gross!


I was reading some posts on a vegan FB page, and there it was! All of our contacts are either made of or tested on animals. And have you ever seen how they animal test in labs? I’m not sure what’s worse, lab testing or the food industry. Either way, no way am I contributing to them! However, the post said that there was one company that currently does not use animals in any way. So, I did my own research (as I recommend everyone do also) and found this to be true.

 I sent the company a direct email inquiring about their contacts, and this was their reply:


Dear Lila,


Thank you for your enquiry.


Daysoft Limited is an independently owned company and is not part of a larger company.


The materials used to make daysoft® lenses are not of animal origin and the lenses we supply are not tested on animals.


Contact lenses are medical devices, and as such they must be approved by the relevant regulatory authorities before they can be sold. When we applied for approval, the regulatory body accepted that the safety profile of the materials was already well established and therefore we were not required to test the lenses on animals.


It is important to note that the regulatory authorities have the final say before a product is approved and a company cannot independently decide on what tests are required.


Thanks for your interest in daysoft daily disposable lenses and I hope this information is of help.


Kind regards,



So yes, there is only one company that sells vegan contacts. Give you a hint where it is made....this country also made this handsome fella:


Guessed it yet? Their name is Daysoft. Based in Blantyre, Scotland the daysoft® laboratory is no mom and pop operation. In fact, the laboratory employs over 200 people, sells millions of lenses every month and fulfills over 2,000 orders each day.


Not only that, but the chairman of the company, Ron Hamilton, is the original inventor of the daily-disposable contact lenses. And he built the first laboratory in the world dedicated to making them. And as a bonus, he actually cares about our eye health, and making the lenses affordable. Ok, so far, so good. Now to try the actual contacts.


I ordered their contacts via their US website:  I just needed to enter my prescription and pay the folks, that easy! I was a bit worried as they did not ask for my eye diameter. How would it fit? One size fits all for contacts? Oh geez, hope it works!


I ordered it with regular shipping, so it took about a week and a half to get here. It came in this cute little ecofriendly package that looked European, with it’s ‘par avion” sticker I remember as a kid on letters.

I opened the letter looking box to find to packs of contact lenses. Each had 96 in them.


So, I basically bought these guys for almost HALF of what I pay for my old contacts! Feeling like this was too good to be true, I proceeded in opening the box. The contacts came in these funny little round containers.




Luckily, the box had exact picture directions on how to open them. It did seem like you could easily accidentally open a bunch at once, so I had to be a bit more careful.


So, I took one out and put it in my eye, then the other eye. Seemed just fine. Hours passed, and you know what? They were great! Just as good as my old ones. And I have pretty sensitive eyes. I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy! And I am so happy, yay! Torture free contacts- at a crazy great price, come on!

So, yes, I HIGHLY recommend these contact lenses. Go get’em guys!

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