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April 28, 2018


We may have fabulous wines in Sonoma County, but a large variety of good vegan restaurants we have not.  So, when we are out and about and our snacks run out, what to do? Well, there is one restaurant that we can count on for having food that can sustain us. And we don’t have to watch other people consume animals there, because it’s mostly vegan! And as a bonus many of their items are GMO-free and gluten-free, yes!


We were shopping at Community Market in Santa Rosa (we heard that they had Violife cheese there- they did! More on the at treasure chest of gold we found there next week) and knew Gaia’s Garden was right next door.


We did our shopping and left our car in the market’s parking lot (they share it) and walked over. Oh, the smell of a citrus plant booming near by was heavenly!


There was even a huge and very fruitful fig tree on our little walk too. I always appreciate the garden ambience.




We rounded the bend and entered the restaurant and noticed the a cute little out door seating area shielded cleverly from the road by plants. 


We enter to see a big ad for the Impossible Burger.


We have heard so much about it, we knew we had to get one. So, since it’s not gluten-free, Jay got that and I got the mushroom burger. I usually get that and I find it very tasty. We ordered at the counter, and sat down. I usually perfer a booth, but they were all taken, so we found a little two top and sat down.



 Soon enough our food arrived.

The impossible burger looked way too much like flesh for me. However, I did used to have the same issue with jackfruit. Luckily it is just plants somehow, so Jay tried it. 


He liked it and said it was not spectacular, but good. It did hit the spot. It wasn’t as “meat like” as some of the other burgers we have tried Jay said. Hence he liked it better than the other ‘meat burger’ substitutes. His veggies and bun were all fresh and flavorful as well.


My mushroom burger rocked! Obviously, the guy (we met him, he was very nice and genuine) who made my burger and salad cared about what he was doing. Even better than the last time. I ordered a little potato salad which actually was very yummy and authentic tasting. It was like the ones I had as a kid pre-gluten-free, pre-vegan. The sandwich had a pesto mayo sauce on the bun which was a nice touch. My bun was gluten-free, but a bit stale. Though that's how most places go, this was far from the most stale I have had out. I was appreciative that they even had a gluten-free bun. They do go stale super fast. Perhaps a little toasting would have bought it back to life a bit.

My mushroom itself was mouth watering. Cooked just right, with great texture and full of delicious flavor. I was a very happy camper. So was my tummy.


Along with the two drinks, the total came to about $38 before tip. Well worth it for good eats out. Well done friends.


You can order off the menu on the board or

get the buffet,

 which is always fun and a bargain.




The even have days and nights were everything is gluten-free. As we were leaving, we noticed that they also have live music on some nights.


Something other than the food that I love about this place how friendly it is. Every time we come there, either the owner or an employee comes around to see if everything is ok. They are usually smiling and clearly appreciate and love their customers. It’s not a fancy place but it's not trying to be either. but don’t let that fool you…. the place is clean, the people are family, and  the food is top quality yum!

This is the kind of place where people can get to know each other (or totally not too if you want) and have a safe and cozy place to eat consciously.. It has the show “Cheers” vibe. It reminds me of this awesome dive bar in San Fransisco where the guy made great drinks and sometimes served awesome food. sometimes because he lonely did it when we felt like it. He was a funny guy. Kicked people out a lot. Never me- hehe. What was the name of that place? It was on Haight street...Zando, Zanzooie? Zantana? I will remember later.

The owner of this place, however, is very kind and accommodating. and he cares about animals and people and planet. Enterprises such as these are how I vote with my almighty dollar. I can image living close by and coming here weekly. Good eats, and friendly faces, oh if we all had a Gaia’s Garden on our block!


There are lots of different kinds of food to eat. Check out their website for a mouth watering peek!


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