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Best Grilled Cheese yet! Gluten-free & Vegan

April 3, 2018

Is it weird to send a love letter to a cheese company? How about a bread company? Usually I save the love letters for sweets. However, when someone can make such amazing food with just plants I just want to celebrate! Plus, these plant-based foods come with the great side effect of saving the planet, along with the animals and humans that live on it, nice job peps!!


Who do I want to send these love letters to you ask? Well, you already know I am gaga for Miyoko’s butter! Every single person on this planet can ditch dairy butter because this magical vegan butter is (dare I say?) better than dairy butter! Save a cow! Save a planet! Help your fellow human! Ok, ok, ok.  

 What you may not have known is I also love the brand Violife’s cheese. Oh, geez you guys. Oh geez! The Violife cheese we bought a while back at The Vegan Republic in Berkeley was just unbelievable. 


We got the cheddar and feta. The feta tastes like feta to me, a little too hard of a consistency, but the taste is so good, who cares! And the freakin' cheddar you guys, oh my! Exactly how I remember cheddar!

Both cheeses I can eat straight out of the box- so dangerous! Luckily or unluckily (I can’t decide) we have to trek an hour to get these cheeses. So, it is most defiantly a treat. Perhaps soon they can get their cheeses in more local markets.


Now for the bread. Grindstone


Bakery is a great bakery I discovered years ago. I did not even notice the gluten-free bread I buy from them was also vegan-bonus!! Their ingredients are awesome to say the least, and the result…. very tasty and healthy bread!


And now, this new bread we discovered last week. Little Northern Bakehouse!


Oh, holy Taliedo! If I told you how many times that first day I rechecked to ingredients to make sure I could eat it, you would think me nuts. It’s that good.  My dear friends, this bread is what wonder bread might have been if they used proper ingredients. Yes, it is like that. It’s white bread! Light, soft, quick and easy to toast, and just insanely yummy to eat.  Geez, I even ate it WITHOUT toasting it, and it was greeeeeat! oh, and better with my Miyoko's butter? THE BEST!!!!

So, when my hubbie Jay was going on a short business trip I made him some snacks to take with him. He said he just wanted some quick little sandwiches.

Thus, armed with my arsenal of yummy ingredients, I ventured into making some sandwiches he would love.  I used the two kinds of bread, one sourdough and one white bread.

With the white bread I made some almond butter, hemp hearts and strawberry jam sandwiches, aka PB&J (yes, I know it’s not peanut butter but that is what I still call it).   Then I moved on to the grilled cheese sandwiches.  I wanted to make one with the sour dough and pepper jack and one with the white bread and cheddar cheese.

I put a bit of butter in the pan and then the cheese sandwich on med-low (temp totally depends on your stove) and grilled them on each side for a bit till the cheese melted.  So good. Add a salad to your grilled cheese an you have a great little snack!

Ok, I went way overboard on the white bread and cheeses.  Way overboard. But a grilled cheese is a treat, not something for me to have on the regular. I can tell you my cucumber/ tomatoes/basil sandwiches make me feel a whole heck of a lot better! But, white bread and cheese or butter was such a comfort food, I didn’t even know I missed do much! Heck, I have no idea when I even ate white bread last? Elementary school? Highschool? I do remember however going to my best friend’s house as a kid, and her house was filled with all kinds of awful junk food. But as a kid (with NO junk food allowed ever) I was in pure heaven.  I always remember the white bread (which I had never had before) her mom kept in a kitchen drawer and made us PB & Js with when we were hungry. Thanks Mrs. M! it was such a treat!


Check out these sites below to see if you can get these goodies near you too! It’s worth the effort! Plus, we can show people, there is another choice to the animal ‘industry’ of food. These foods I bring to you are no less than the animals products I so thoughtlessly consumed most of my life. Funny how I never bought products that were tested on animals but I ate animals. Oh well, better late than never. And if you are struggling in any way, it is ok. It’s not easy, society doesn’t make it easy. But it’s not easy being a hero, is it? But that is what vegans are to me. Heroes. Vegan for a meal, a day, a week, a month, a year, whatever! Every single time you choose compassion over the ease of eating an animal product, YOU ARE A HERO! At least to me you are!




Grindstone Bakery:

Little Northern Bakehouse:







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