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I can make my own dang salad!

March 5, 2018


Heidi ho favoritos! Last week I shared with you our $20-dollar salads at Whole Foods. They were readily available and organic, so they worked in a pinch. However, they were wilted, and the salad dressing was not to my taste. Again, a great lesson to remember to bring snacks with us when we go out, which I usually do.

This week, I wanted to do salad right. For that $20, we could have the following salads 5 times. Yes, making meals at home saves your wallet and your health. It’s so easy, and so worth the little bit of effort it takes to make it yourself. Along with two of my go-to salads, are three of my favorite salad dressings. Again, a little effort goes a long way!


 The dressings we use the most at home is the Trader Joe’s Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar with Extra Virgin Olive oil. The key here is two add a few cloves to the vinegar after you first get it. You will need to use a bit of the vinegar first, as the garlic cloves will over flow it. Now this brings the flavor factor up many notches! Just leave it in your fridge like that, so good.  Now for the ratio of vinegar to oil. Everyone on is different, so do what you like, but I use about a 40-60 ratio, and a dash of salt. I always use more olive oil than vinegar.

For those days that I want to feel extra healthy, I sub the vinegar out for citrus juice. You can use lime or lemon. I usually use lime and save my lemons for something sweet like cookies or cake. Mmmmm cake. To say how much citrus to use is kind of useless. I mean, citrus is all different, you can get a batch that’s nice and juicy and full of flavor. Or you can get ones that are dry and almost no flavor. So just start with a couple of squeezes, and your olive oil, and then if you need more citrus, add it then.


Last but not least of my everyday dressings is one that is already made for us! It’s the Green Goddess Salad Dressing I bought from Trader Joe’s.  They have a whole line of fresh vegan dressings like this one, but this is the one I like. With just a few fresh ingredients like lemon juice and basil, this healthy ready-made dressing makes my lazy days so much easier. It’s for those days that I know I better eat something raw and green, but oh! The effort of putting two ingredients together to make a salad dressing is way too much work for me. I mean who the heck am I, Martha Stewart?? Awww Martha, how I love all your skills, and how great it was until they locked you up for some bogus crap people do all the time (probably, right?), but you were too great and awesome as a female and they had to bring you down. Still your inspiration will always stay with me. If only she would revolt and go vegan, ya Martha!! Do it!!! What? Oh, I digress…


Now two salads that will make your tummy very happy. First, the super easy one. Just two ingredients, romaine lettuce and arugula.

 Great for times like when you need a quick side salad to accompany your pizza or burger, or something else you know isn’t exactly the healthiest for you, but you’ve got this salad, so you can balance it out. Sometimes I just forgo the lettuce and just do the arugula. I love arugula so much. It has been my main leafy green pal for a long time. It makes me feel rejuvenated every time I eat it. If you have found any fruits or veggies that make you feel that good, eat them! Eat them often! When I eat fresh raw foods like that, my body is saying… “oh ya baby, gimme some more of that – you cookie eating fiend!” This yummy and easy salad tasted great with either the vinegar dressing, or the lime. I have not tried the Goddess dressing on it, if you do, let me know how it tastes.


The next salad is so complete and yummy, nice n' hardy, you can have it just as a little meal or snack. In this salad I put:




Beets – raw – I never cook my beets! It’s easier and tastier, plus I love the crunch!





 I have tried all three of the dressings for this salad and I liked them all.

Now, for goodness sake, if you don’t have some of these ingredients, that’s ok. Just use what you have, use what you like. Put more or less of something in there. It’s your salad, your food.

Just have fun and love it! What? What was that? Yes, it is that easy, it’s a choice. Like I said:



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