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Butter Me Up Baby!

February 19, 2018


Butter, you never know how much you miss it until you can’t have it anymore. Whether for health reasons, or ethical ones, no butter for you! But wait, what’s that out yonder? Well boy howdy, I see a light!

However, despite me sharing my favorite cheeses and the ultimate butter with you, I do not live on these foods. They are still processed, all be it high in quality and organic or non-gmo, it’s still not the same as eating an apple or some arugula. These are just yummy treats to be eaten in moderation (that’s how I have to do it anyway), that also really helped me through my transition into veganism. My goal however, is to eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible. They make me feel the most energetic, the best version of myself! My hope is to one day be at least 90% raw plants eater. Though I laugh at that and it sounds impossible to me right now. And then there’s that quote from Ms. Audrey Hepburn…

Alrighty then, back to our butter. Now, practically as a baker using so much butter, it was devastating to find out how that butter got to my kitchen. And having to leave butter, well that was the end to my baking, or so I thought.


One day, Jay brought home a butter from Trader Joes. We have tried all the vegan butters we could get our hands on, and they all tasted like margarine. Not my thing in the least. So, when he brought this Miyoko’s butter home, I was skeptical. First the ingredients: ok, they sounded good. Then I sniffed it…. hmmm kind of had a familiar butter scent to it. Then I put it on a piece of bread…. Whaaaaaaaaaa? I must have tasted it wrong or something. It tasted so much like butter, I had to recheck the ingredients! I tried it again, and yes folks, we have a winner!

Now why am I nutty for this butter? Well, they are paying me a ton of money to say it! Hahaha, just kidding, no one is paying me to say anything. It’s just that I think every person will love this butter. Even my “it’s a phase, you are nuts, are you dying from lack of protein” parents love it. In fact, every single non-vegan and vegan who has tried this butter has flipped for it. I just want people to know that vegan stuff CAN taste amazing!


As you may or may not know, butter is freakin crucial in baking. While all the ingredients and steps in baking are important, butter makes a huge difference in the texture and flavor. One of the many reasons people flip over my cookies is because I used real creamery organic butter (sorry cows, I didn’t know!) and a lot of it. So, with this Miyoko’s butter, your baked goods will thank you, and so will your taste buds, oh ya, the cows too!


Ok, where can you get this amazing butter? Trader Joe's!

Yes! Where else? Well, your local health food store and of course Whole Foods, which will also have some of their great cheeses too. My favorite of which is their Winter Truffle…mmmmmmm.

And you know what? The people that work at Miyoko’s are actually a nice bunch of folks. I got a mini peak at the factor too. It was so clean and tidy, I was so impressed! Everyone was friendly and eager to assist me. The place just had a good vibe. Gotta say, I like to buy products from ethical companies. I mean if a company is turning river water into sludge, or exploiting children (you get my jist) I will not buy their organic vegan whatever. But if the company gives back to the community (or something positive like that) and are kind to their  employees, I buy from them. I mean I did good stuff with my bakery. If I can do it, anyone can!


How a company behaves is of paramount importance to me. I vote with my dollar. And in this society, that vote really counts! And yes, Miyoko’s has my vote!






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